Snom M5 repeater

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M5 Range Extending Repeater
Extending the range of your DECT solution

This wall mounted repeater increases the reception range of the M700 and M300 base stations, allowing for free movement between stations and for DECT calls to continue uninterrupted as the speaker moves around an area.

The M5 DECT Repeater is a simple and easy to deploy solution. It serves as a useful tool in locations requiring mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings. The repeater increases the reception range of individual bases and handsets and bridges gaps between base stations, promoting free movement by creating a single, seamless network. The M5 repeater offers superior audio quality in both wideband and narrowband calls.

Quick Summary

Support single and multi-cell
Increase the range without Ethernet
Wideband audio
Up to 5 simultaneous calls
Daisy chaining