Auerswald 2600 System telefon

Ekskl moms.: 1.895,00 DKK


This ISDN system phone follows your orders instantly – Just put your finger on the large TFT colour display.

Why should a modern ISDN system phone have to depend on softkeys to use the display? The all-new COMfortel 2600 proves that progress is unstoppable. Its illuminated touch display ensures easiest control: in addition to keys and control pad, the display awaits your commands to activate functions directly. Superior ergonomics also governed the design: the attractive two-tone cabinet features large tilt feet so that perfect visibility and operating angle are always ensured. Its large illuminated TFT colour display with touch control highlights the level of convenience introduced by the new COMfortel 2600: at 4.3” (10.9 cm) it offers a very high resolution.

To see how versatile this new model is, simply insert a customary SD card (up to 8 GB recommended): it allows you to allocate pictures to individual phonebook entries, arrange for a wallpaper image and upload new ring tones. Inserting the SD card also activates the answering machine which can be conveniently controlled via the touch display and function keys. Since you can allocate individual messages according to caller and type of call, each entry in your phonebook may receive a special announcement – depending on whether it’s a private or business nature. Also, it gives you a practical recording and memo function. Since you don’t have to type a PIN number to access your message box (your mobile number is identified automatically), you can easily be updated on the move.

A separate socket lets you connect a corded headset, and a wireless DECT Headset will easily extend your radius up to 50 meters. The built-in USB port instantly connects with your PC: at the click of a button, you can dial directly from your Outlook contacts, and when someone calls you, you can immediately see on your monitor who’s calling. You want to configure your phone or manage your internal phonebook entries? Everything can be easily done via PC with great comfort.


  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the central phone book of the PBX or the telephone
  • Automatic detection of S0 or UP0 connection
  • Automatic background illumination with adjustable brightness and switch-on time
  • ISDN features of the corresponding Auerswald PBX will be supported
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable
  • Microphone mute
  • 15 programmable function keys, 2 levels
  • Power-safe mode
  • Power supply via system connection; no additional power supply required
  • Telephone lock, emergency calls possible
  • Access to the central phonebook of the PBX
  • List of the last 30 unsuccessful calls with telephone number, name, date and time
  • 1,600 local telephone number entries

Voicemail funktioner:

  • Basic activation by inserting a SD/SDHC card
  • Remote activation and message forwarding
  • High-quality recording due to uncompressed recording
  • Control via functions keys of the telephone
  • Total capacity depends on the used memory (1 GB represent approx. 30 h recording capacity)
  • Recording and notepad function
  • Max. 250 announcments and max. 250 messages
  • Call acceptance and announcement dependent on type of call (int./ext./door/group)

Kompatibel med:

  • COMpact 30001 analog, 3000 ISDN, 3000 VoIP
  • COMpact 2206 USB2, 4410 USB2
  • COMpact 5010 VoIP, 5020 VoIP
  • COMmander 6000, 6000R, 6000RX
  • COMmander Basic.2, Basic.2 19”
  • COMmander Business, Business 19″

Tekniske detaljer:

  • System connection: S0 / UP0 port
  • USB interface: USB client (programming / TAPI)
  • Key extension modules: Maks. 3 × Xtension300 moduler, hver med 30 functionstaster m. to niveauer
  • Headset: For dyn. speaker/microphone sets, also with DHSG support
  • Display. TFT colour display, 4.3″ (480 × 272 pixels) with resistive touch and 65,536 colours
  • LEDs: 18, some multi-coloured
  • Voicemail function: included (activated when SD/SDHC card is inserted)
  • External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 8 GB (se tilbehør)
  • Strømforsyning: Via internal S0 or UP0 port of PBX or external power supply COMfortel XT-PS (not included)
  • Strømforbrug: 1,1 W min., 1,9 W maks.
  • Kabinet: Plast
  • Farve: Sort (fås også i hvid)
  • Størrelse(B × H × D): 275 × 128/150/170 × 210 mm
  • Vægt: Ca. 1,050 g
  • Supported operating system: Windows XP /Vista / 7 / 8, Apple Mac OS × and Linux

Bemærk: Tilsluttes et COMfortel Xtention300 modul, da kræves tilslutning af ekstern strømforsyning (se tilbehør).